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5 reasons why you should banish Blue Monday

It’s cold and dark, our new year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside and it’s a loooong time until pay day. If you’re feeling a bit miserable, then join the club: 21 January is officially Blue Monday, the day boffins have proclaimed the nation to be at its lowest ebb.

But it’s time to stop yer mitherin’ (as we say here in Fleetwood) and start project positive for 2019. Here are our top five reasons to be cheerful:

  1. You’re alive - despite the swathes of cheese, gallons of mulled wine and actual truckloads of stuffing you personally consumed in December, you’ve made it to another year (albeit looking as rotund as a Fishermen’s Friend). That’s not something to be sneezed at.

  2. You’re probably a bit broke for a very good reason: you have loved ones worthy of buying Christmas gifts for (and celebrate with).

  3. It’s a month since the shortest day – so while we’re cold, fat, hungry, broke and scurrying about in the dark for 18 hours a day, things can only look up – the days are lengthening and spring won’t be far off.

  4. It’s never too late to start afresh. Just because your resolve has crumbled faster than a month-old mince pie, doesn’t mean to say you have to give up on those good intentions. Try again…

  5. Friends! Pals make everything better. Pick up the phone, send a positive message or arrange a cuppa – we can get through this miserable month together. And if your mates don’t cheer you up, you can always rely on your trusty Fisherman’s Friend – why not try a new flavour for a tasty change.


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