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A Friend for every day of the year…no matter the weather

There’s something sweet and delicious about summertime, and we’ve got to make the most of every glimmer of sunshine before autumn fully sets in – though with the most recent rainfall, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was already here!  Rumour has it the glorious sunny weather will be back just in time for Bank Holiday weekend, so it’s time to get outside!  Slip into those flip flops, pack your gingham picnic blanket and set off to the beach, the park, your back garden…or anywhere that’s not an office block. Forget the Teddy Bear’s Picnic; no hamper is complete without a few packets of Fisherman’s Friend (obviously).

When the sun is blazing and shaded spots are in short supply (or you’re just catching a tan), no breeze will get your airways zinging quite like our extra strong menthol and eucalyptus lozenges. Add some extra zest with our sweet honey and lemon flavour for a true breath of fresh air on a summer’s day. So make a day, or a weekend, of it with your lozenge loving friends – before the autumn monsoon weather really sets in.

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