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Famous Fisherman’s Friend Recipes

Back in 1865, Fleetwood pharmacist James Lofthouse tapped into his creative side when concocting a menthol and eucalyptus liquid perfect for local fishermen in need of instant relief at sea. Turns out, the liquid stored in glass bottles don’t travel too well, so James fashioned a lozenge from the liquid instead. If that’s not using your noggin, we don’t know what is. And it’s not just James Lofthouse using his lozenge-fuelled creative prowess, many a Fisherman’s Friend fan has created their own wonderful Extra Strong concoctions:

  • Chocolatier Adam Chandler picked up a gold medal trophy for his FF creation at the 2013 International Chocolate Awards. He created a Fisherman's Friend Truffle, filling a dark chocolate shell with a ganache made from Original Extra Strong lozenges melted into whole cream and a dark chocolate base. Just to reiterate: Fisherman’s. Friend. TRUFFLES. The downside? You might have to travel to Canada to find them…


  • Iceland-born Michelin-starred chef Agnar Sverrisson created a wonderfully alternative meringue recipe using (you guessed it!) Fisherman’s Friend lozenges. While the meringues are delicate, they pack a powerful liquorice and menthol punch, making a great palate cleanser that also works as a remarkable amuse bouche. Click here to try the recipe for yourself.


  • Award-winning ice cream maker pushed the boat out with a new flavour to celebrate one of Scotland’s biggest maritime celebrations: Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Traditional Boat Festival 2012. Alex Murray from Portsoy Ice Cream created a new ice cream variety flavoured with our little lozenges. How refreshing does that sound?

Whether you’re a prolific creator or simply an appreciative eater, Fisherman’s Friend is always on hand to fire up your imagination. Have you ever used Fisherman’s Friend in your recipes?

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