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Festival Friends

With festival season in full swing, it’s time to grab your friends and set off for a weekend of singing to your heart’s content! Got the tent and the sleeping bag, but what else do you need? Don’t forget to pack these in your festival survival kit:


Every British festival requires at least one torrential downpour. Prepare for the extremes and pack your sturdiest wellington boots to prevent muddy face-plants. Rolling in the mud is all fun and games, until that 60 minute mission back to your tent.


Just because you’re wearing wellies doesn’t mean you can’t sparkle in the crowd! Glitter is a rite of passage at any festival, and a totally acceptable addition to any outfit whilst roaming with your Festival gang.

Portable Phone Charger

This sounds like an obvious one, but we’re not glamping here. Avoid disappointing realisations that you can’t take any more muddied, glitter-drenched selfies, or find any of your mates.


We’ve all been there, scrambling about in the dark for that phone torch before realising it’s definitely out of battery (forgot the portable charger, didn’t you?). Make those 3am trips to the loo a little less life endangering (tent poles are treacherous) and bring a lightweight torch, saving that mobile battery strictly for Snapchat Stories.

Fisherman’s Friend

This one is a no-brainer. Festivals don’t allow many home comforts, if at all. The fun is to rough it out and embrace the feral nature of camping, mud and all. Having said this, this wild life has a limit – keep some Fisherman’s Friend on you to stay minty fresh, and ready to sing your heart out at all times.


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