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Frightfully Fisherman’s Friend

Frightfully Fisherman’s Friend

Fancy dress, face paint, pumpkin-carving and treats galore – Halloween is a blast for kids and big kids alike. And no part of this spooky day is more exciting than trick or treating! Some people think this tradition started with the Celts, who believed that on Halloween – which they called Samhain, the start of the darkest time of the year – some ghosts tried to return to their old homes.

If the ghosts weren’t feeling too peachy (they were dead, after all), they might decide to play tricks on people to frighten them. So, what was the solution? Bribe them with treats of course!

From candied apples to Rice Krispies cakes that look like brains, spooky fright night treats are all part of the fun. Have you ever noticed that our lozenges are kind of…ghost shaped?! The perfect addition to any Halloween party or Jack-O-Lantern treat bag (and our Extra Strong flavour will likely make the more ghoulishly-inclined say “OooooOoooh!”).

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