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How to spend your extra hour this weekend...

Hoorah, last night the UK clocks went back one hour, from British Summertime to GMT (That’s Greenwich Meantime to you and me) signalling the end of bright and sunny evenings. Instead, we’ll now be enjoying darker days and colder nights which coincidentally make the ideal time to enjoy those extra packets of Fisherman’s Friend!

If you’re wondering where the idea originally appeared, you might be surprised to hear it was first suggested way back when in 1907. A builder, William Willet, came up with the idea of British Summer Time to stop workers from wasting valuable sunny hours sleeping – he clearly wasn’t one to take an afternoon siesta. Although originally laughed out of Parliament, his idea was eventually adopted in 1917 – not bad eh, Will?

Now we know where it came from, the next thing we need to know is; how will you spend the extra hour of your weekend?!

  • Enjoy some extra snooze time?
  • Head out and about to explore?
  • Cook up a storm in the kitchen?

Or perhaps you’ll utilise that extra hour to hunt down some of your favourite flavours of Fisherman’s Friend. We know what we’d do…