meet the superfan

Meet the #superfans: Stephen

Meet this week’s superfan, thirty-five year old voluntary sector worker Stephen from Birmingham. He first tried Fisherman’s Friend lozenges at the tender age of 11 and has never looked back.

Stephen recalls going to his local convenience shop when he was only 11 years old, looking to buy something different than the usual chocolate or sweets. He was drawn to the Fisherman’s Friend packs on shelf. “I gave it a go and haven’t looked back since,” he tells us. 

He has a foolproof strategy to ensure he never mislays a pack. “I keep them at home. They are too good to share. I don’t like carrying things around with me in case I lose them!” he proudly declares. He even rescued a lozenge from the bottom of a bin after accidentally throwing it away; he couldn’t bear to let it go.

Stephen’s favourite flavour is Aniseed, a spice he loves in all forms but especially in our lozenges. If he can’t find Aniseed, he’ll buy Blackcurrant. He once took a fairly long trip on public transport to get hold of Aniseed at a large shopping centre when his local shops happened to be out of stock.

Stephen doesn’t shy away from asking mates to pick him up packs either, especially when they’re passing by shops he knows stock Aniseed or Blackcurrant. 

He may bore his friends with his love of our brand but we’ll never tire of his friendship. Congratulations Stephen, you are officially a #superfan.