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More than just Friends

Unsurprisingly, glass bottles and rough ocean waves don’t work very well together – which is why, waaaay back in 1865, pharmacist James Lofthouse created a lozenge out of his menthol and eucalyptus liquid. Fleetwood fishermen could easily take a stash with them on stormy and freezing trips into the North Atlantic, without worrying about spillage in choppy high seas. Pretty clever, right?

Soon, fishermen began to refer to these little lozenges as ‘Friends’, and so the Fisherman’s Friend brand was born. Fast-forward to 2018, and Fisherman’s Friend has been going strong for over 150 years! And for some fans, we’re more than just Friends.
Take FF superfan Aitana. She recently rediscovered her childhood treasure box full of toys and trinkets – safely stored in a vintage Fisherman’s Friend tin of course! From memories of your grandparents offering you your first lozenge to reminiscing about that road trip made a little easier by your favourite flavour, we love to hear how our little lozenges have been part of your lives. Do you have a unique Fisherman’s Friend memory?

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