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Take a deep breath this spring

Easter holidays are around the corner – the kids are bursting with energy fuelled by chocolate bunnies and the snowstorms that blanketed the first days of British springtime have just about cleared, treating us to a spell or two of blue skies in their wake.

As the season of sore throats melts away into bank holidays and BBQs, we’re feeling a new zest of life here at Fisherman’s Friend. Maybe it’s one too many Honey and Lemon lozenges (as if that’s possible) but one thing’s for sure, the spring season brings with it a refreshed sense of purpose. Whether you’re day-tripping with friends, enjoying some downtime or merely trying to keep your little rascals entertained, we have a flavour to suit all of your Easter holiday plans.

When the chocolate indulgence has been and gone, why not give your sweet tooth some time off and try our sugar-free range? Just look out for our striped packets, grab your favourite flavour… and breathe!

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