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That Fisherman's Friend Feeling

Here at Fisherman’s Friend we’ve been searching high and low for the One…the one flavour that is! So we asked our social media fan community which flavour they would ‘swipe right’ for, and cherry seems to be the lozenge with all the super likes! Here’s our quick step-by-step guide, to help you take your date to the next level with Fisherman’s Friend:

Step One

First date nerves have been dispelled, dinner went splendidly and you didn’t spill food down yourself (good start!).

Step Two

You think things are going well, but remember you ate A LOT of garlic bread at the restaurant...

Step Three

Casually whip out your Fisherman’s Friend cherry lozenges, and offer one to your date on the walk home. Take one for yourself, too, reassured in the knowledge that the zingy taste of cherry will help your breath (and theirs) stay fresh and sweet.

Step Four

Try and look alluring, whilst simultaneously sucking on your scrumptious lozenge.

Step Five

You’re about to part ways and say goodnight…you’ve both got that zingy Fisherman’s Friend feeling and all that cherry freshness sizzles in the evening air (romantic or what?). If there were ever a perfect moment for that first kiss, we think this might be it!

Don’t worry if our Cherry lozenge isn’t your first love, we have a Fisherman’s Friend flavour to suit you perfectly for date night, and every night!

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