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The Spring Time Snuffles

Spring has finally sprung, the daffodils have sprouted and the little lambs are leaping in the fields. Talking of fields, one thing that doesn’t float our boat with all this warm weather is our rather unfortunate and uninvited summer guest…Hay fever!

As the flowers bloom and the little bees begin pollinating, for many of us we just can’t avoid that sudden onset of sneezes - seemingly out of nowhere. Whether it’s the streaming eyes or the cursed sniffles, pollen can really take the shine off of our summer fun – besides, who has time to keep blowing your nose when you’re hosting a BBQ?

Alongside your antihistamines, nose spray and eye drops, why not grab a packet of your favourite flavour of Fisherman’s Friend? We recommend popping one of our mega minty lozenges in your mouth and taking one, deeeeep breath! These little lozenges pack a powerful punch so prepare for a minty blast.

If you fancy something a little fruitier to match this spring time sunshine then why not try one of our other flavours too. How does Blackcurrant, Cherry or Lemon sound? Good? We thought so…