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Who's YOUR perfect match?

Swipe…swipe…swipe…Modern dating seems to have lost some of its sparkle. Now, you could travel back to 1999 in your DeLorean and spend your precious free time trying to meet people in real life or you could just ask your next right-swipe what their lozenge of choice is. You’d be surprised how much a favourite flavour can reveal:


  • Original Extra Strong: Distinguished lover of all things vintage. Imagine someone riding a unicycle to a small-batch brewery and you’re on the right track. Packs a punch – not one for the faint-hearted.


  • Blackcurrant: A cultured and effortlessly sophisticated lozenge perfect for munching on at an art exhibition or experimental theatre production. Incredibly smart and veeery opinionated; make sure you know your Mark Rothko from your Jackson Pollock if you’re hanging out with a fan of this one.


  • Cherry: Confident, charming, and likely to melt even the coolest of hearts with a mischievous wink and a cheeky grin. This charismatic Fisherman’s Friend fan will make you swoon in a jiffy and break your heart just as quickly. Keep your guard up; many have tried and failed to resist the allure.


  • Spearmint: Ambitious, motivated and lover of the finer things in life. With a work hard, play hard mantra, you’ll find this lozenge fan typing furiously into a MacBook Pro whilst sipping G&Ts in a private members’ club.


  • Aniseed: Love it or hate it, no one can deny the adventurous and quick witted nature of aniseed. Oozing an eclectic blend of spontaneity and urban cool, make sure to hold on tight; they’ll be plenty of ups and downs on this journey. Enjoy the thrill.


  • Honey & Lemon: A creative and slightly eccentric vegan who’s no stranger to an avocado, or three. Wakes at dawn to practice yoga by candlelight. Enjoys statement socks and probably grinds their own coffee beans.


  • Mint: A cool romantic who will always leave you wanting. Easily distracted and always mysterious, this lozenge-lover runs hot then cold. You’ll never quite know where you stand, so stay on your toes. 


From a cultured Blackcurrant fan to an adventurous Aniseed lover, have you met any of the personality types in our lozenge guide to love? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter and join our community for all the latest Fisherman's Friend news and weekly chances to enter some exciting giveaways.