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Your summer essentials

Throughout June and July we’ve been asking our social media fans to tell us their summer essentials when they’re on their travels or days out with friends. Can you guess what topped their list?

Staying safe in the sun was a big priority for our followers, as most people ranked sunglasses and sun cream their most carried item. And surprisingly, it looks like gadgets get left at home with most people preferring to bury their noses in a good paperback on holiday, instead of their Kindle.

We asked our Facebook community what they just couldn’t live without. Obviously we think packing some Fisherman’s Friend lozenges in your suitcase is essential but what flavour did our fans consider number one? It seems people like to stay minty fresh during the summer months, with Mint beating Original hands down in our social poll.


During August we’ll be asking our social media community about anything they pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to try on holiday this summer.

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