FF Lozenge hunt image.jpg

We’re all going on…a lozenge hunt!

We're going on a lozenge hunt.

We're going to catch a STRONG one.

Easter Egg Hunt, Treasure Hunt, Scavenger Hunt…these are all great games, but have you ever taken part in a Lozenge Hunt? Perfect for hard-core Fisherman’s Friend fans, play at work for a sure fire way to share your favourite FF flavours around the office…and to stop your co-workers from stealing your secret stash!

“How do you play?” we hear you ask. The game is simple: assign each colleague a certain flavour based on their personality and hide a packet somewhere they won’t think to look – then let them loose! To help you out, here are our suggestions for each Fisherman’s Friend flavour:

Original Extra Strong: The boss of the pack, this flavour is favourited by the top dog. Hide in the break room – guaranteed this person is too busy to ever slow down!

Blackcurrant: Blackcurrant lovers are unique and unlike anyone else - and they like it that way! To make sure these remain unseen, hide them in the busiest communal area…cool Blackcurrants would never dream of hanging out with the masses.

Cherry: Chatty and confident Cherry fans are always mingling in the office so hide a packet at their desk. They’ll be too busy working the entire room to notice them there…

Lemon: Lemon fans are all about being energetic– they love nothing more than going to the gym at lunch and hate sitting still. Hide them where gym-fanatics will never think to look…in the snack box! 

Mint: For calm and collected colleagues who never lose their cool, there’s only one place to hide them: with the HR team! You will never find them complaining about anything to anyone so you can be sure they will be safe.

Honey & Lemon: Smooth and comforting, Honey & Lemons are there to restore peace into hectic offices and make sure everyone is ok. They have no time for silly office politics so hide these by the office gossip and your precious lozenges will never be found.

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