• Where can I buy Fisherman’s Friend?

    You should be able to find Fisherman’s Friend in most major supermarkets, pharmacies, forecourts and local retailers.

  • Is Fisherman’s Friend suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

    Yes. On both counts.

  • Are Fisherman’s Friend products halal?

    Yes. They have been certified by the Halal Certification Europe.

  • What other accreditations and certificates apply to the factory?

    Food safety certification FSSC22000 and Quality Management certification ISO9001

  • Is it safe to consume Fisherman’s Friend while pregnant?

    Yes, in moderation.

  • Are Fisherman’s Friend products kosher?

    Yes. They have been certified by The Manchester Beth Din.

  • Are Fisherman’s Friend products suitable for children?

    None of our lozenges are recommended for the under-5s.